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Socio Economic Empowerment with Dignity and Sustainability (SEEDS)

SEEDS Project is being implemented in Rangpur and Dinajpur districts with the support of Stromme Foundation (SF), Norway. The project aims to improve the socio-economic life and uphold the dignity of marginalized and poor indigenous community particularly the Santals. The project is working with 5,500 marginalized indigenous families. The targeted families are getting support for Income Generating Activities (IGAs) under the project. They are cultivating vegetables in their homestead areas. 98% families are involved in cattle rearing. The targeted families are sending their children to school. 88% families have secured home environment for their children. 81% families are using sanitary latrines and improved hygiene practices in their daily life. 82% of targeted households have regular income opportunities and 72% of the households are lifting off the poverty level.

A total of 407 SRG-Self Reliance Groups (Each group consisted of 10-15 families) have improved their own socio-economic development and leadership capacity. The groups are creating funds through regular small savings. The total savings of the SRG group is Tk. 7,013,820 so far. They are also solving quite a lot of social problems through their collective efforts.