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Savings Program

RDRS offers four types of savings products – General Savings, Voluntary Savings, Monthly Savings Deposit Scheme (MSDS) and Double Benefit Savings Scheme (DBSS).

  1. General Savings: Microfinance clients have to save a minimum of 200 Taka to 500 taka per month.  They will enjoy a return of 6% interest per annum against their savings.
  2. Voluntary Savings: Through voluntary savings, members can save any amount of money after depositing compulsory savings. They will enjoy a return of 6% per annum against their savings.
  3. Monthly Savings Deposit Scheme (MSDS): A Monthly Savings Deposit Scheme (MSDS) is a product where Members can invest monthly starting from BDT 100 to BDT 10,000 for tenure of 3 years or 5 years with 7 percent and 7.5 percent interest rates respectively.
  4. Double Benefit Savings Scheme (DBSS): This is a fixed-term deposit product where members can invest a bulk amount of money with a specific plan.  The plans start with a minimum investment of Tk 20,000 and a maximum of Tk 1,000,000.