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Agricultural Market System Improvement

In 2019, 9 Krishi Kendra have been set up at Union Federation to improve the agricultural market system. Right now 71 agri-entrepreneurs of 28 Krishi Kendra are supplying agricultural inputs to 15,530 farmers and are also involved in the marketing of their products. Another 50 agri-entrepreneurs of 10 Krishi SANJOG centres provided advisory services to 4,700 farmers and also established demonstration plots on new agricultural technologies for encouraging the farmers. As a result, production and productivity of targeted farmers have been increased. Finally, 121 agri-entrepreneurs of 38 Krishi Kendra and Krishi SANJOG centre made a profit of BTD 4,473,806. Apart from this, agri-entrepreneurs made additional profit of BDT 71,000 by the production and marketing of vermin-compost and rice seed.

Under the Growing Together project, 20 entrepreneurs of Farmer Centre along with 200 agri-entrepreneurs are also working to improve the market system for agricultural products. Along with this, banking facilities are being provided to the farmers under the Agent Banking of Bank Asia which is located at Farmer Centers. This year, 477 farmers collected potato seeds from Agriconcern and JOIKKO AGRO which was cultivated in 336 acres of lands as contract farming. Farmers made an additional profit of BDT 75 lakh by selling 1,570 MT potatoes to these companies